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Our goal: Discovering future markets

Africa offers businesses untapped opportunities - whether in the energy transition, the digital economy or the creative industries. Our goal is to expand cooperation between companies in Africa and Europe.

Technology & Knowledge Transfer between Germany/Europe and Africa

New Products, Technologies and Services through Entrepreneurship

Technologisation & Industrialisation in Africa with Innovative R&D Cooperation Projects

Creating Wealth for a Larger and Broader Middle Class

Creating and Securing Jobs through Entrepreneurship and Value Addition

Initiation and Implementation of Feasibility Studies & Business Delegation Visits

Our goal: Discovering future markets

"We must not abandon the economy to the economists alone." – Prof- Dr Günter Faltin

Technology & Knowledge Transfer between Germany/Europe and Africa

New Products, Technologies and Services through Entrepreneurship

Technologisation & Industrialisation in Africa with Innovative R&D Cooperation Projects

Creating Wealth for a Larger and Broader Middle Class

Creating and Securing Jobs through Entrepreneurship and Value Addition

Initiation and Implementation of Feasibility Studies & Business Delegation Visits

Our mission: Opportunities for Businesses

They say if you want to do a little good, set up a non-profit organisation. And if you want to do a big amount of good, create a for-profit organisation.

The name “KAC” stands for Kamerun4AfrikaClub. In 2007, the Kamerun4AfrikaClub e. V. (KAC) association was founded by Dr. Akuma Saningong. This association grants educational scholarships for children and young people. The founder himself says: “Education has been my Shield, my Sword and my Olive Branch”.

He saw his social commitment always as a limitation, as the organisation is dependent on donations. By taking the step of creating a for-profit company of the same name, he wants to expand his activities and continue to strengthen the bonds between Germany/Europe and Africa and the people on the ground in Africa.

Afrikanischer Think Tank
Afrikanische Schulkinder


If you have a project idea with a market-oriented R&D character, we can help you obtain non-refundable grants from regional, federal, EU and other international funding bodies in the following ways …

What You Bring

Ideas that have funding potential answer the following questions …

  • What is the problem and what are the challenges to be overcome?
  • Is it innovative enough and fundamentally different from the current state of the art?
  • Can technology be used to solve the problem?
  • Is there a market for the product, technology and services to be produced?

Your Benefits: Strengthening of Market Competitiveness. Generating Turnover and Growth. Securing and Creating Jobs.

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Our Services

Project Conception and Funding Strategy: Selection of funding programme and definition of timeline for funding application
Partner Search incl. foreign partners and organisation of partner meetings (face-to-face, tele- or video conferences)
Cooperation with Universities and Research Institutes
Workshops: Identification of the core of the innovation (function, state of the art, target parameters, solution path, risks and risk minimisation)
Implementation Concept: Project description and application
Project Management and Monitoring of the Funding

Africa. Many still think first of poverty and misery. Yet the continent is on the move like no other. Everywhere, people are founding companies and creating jobs. And leapfrogging decades, technically and ecologically.

Africa is a continent on the upswing with great innovation potential.

  • In the media, wars, hunger, poverty and diseases are often reported in connection with Africa.
  • The opportunities, potentials and successes of the people in African countries, on the other hand, are not given much attention.
  • As a result, a one-sided, often negative impression is created within the population of the Global North.
  • The reality, of course, is different.

We are HERE to help. You are cordially invited to make a FREE appointment with us TODAY! Achieving more together by entering new markets!

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What we offer

Financing solutions for planned investment projects and innovation projects
A wide range of financing instruments - With up to 100 million euros
This includes grants as free money from the state that facilitate your first steps, subsidised loans with special conditions that accelerate your growth, equity strengthening programmes, to tenders and participations by funding and development banks and public sponsors without a "locust mentality"
Access to local value creation and investment
Access to securing your investments with guarantees
Access to mezzanine financing to put your plans on solid financial footing
Access to investors
Access for export subsidies and trade fair participation

Industries We Cover and Beyond

  1. Agriculture
  2. Automotive & Mobility
  3. Building Materials, Steel, Water & Wood
  4. Chemistry
  5. Circular economy and recycling
  6. Consumer goods
  7. Digitalisation and automation
  8. Education and E-Learning
  9. Electrical appliances and electronics
  10. Energy
  11. Fairs & Tourism
  12. Industrial goods
  13. Infrastructure and construction
  14. IT & Financial Services
  15. Logistics and packaging
  16. Mechanical and plant engineering
  17. Medical technology
  18. Oil and gas
  19. Optics
  20. Pharma
  21. Telecommunications

You are a member of an expert platform. You expand your network and cover the entire value chain of your business area(s). With our international innovation networks, we create access and open up new perspectives to both African and foreign technology partners and markets for our customers.

Why do we need networks?

  • Strengthening of market competitiveness
  • Achieving more together than individually – through building synergies
  • Facilitating the procurement of R&D funding
  • Expanding your network of contacts – in your field technologies
  • Creating awareness and reputation of the network
  • Providing perspectives for future market-oriented products, technologies and services

For more information about joining our networks, please contact us!

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Our Services

Creation of a network identity
Strengths/weaknesses (SWOT) analyses and technological potentials
Analysis of state of the art, customer requirements, market
Potential competitors and barriers to market entry
Marketing concepts and favourable market introduction measures
Support in putting together project consortia, also with universities and research institutions, and in preparing R&D project outlines and funding applications
Network meetings: You benefit from intensive exchange. You make new contacts across sectors, technologies and countries and meet partners in regular meetings
Public relations: website, flyers, joint trade fair appearances, lobbying

Our Tech-Competence Networks

We create and run innovation and technology networks with partners from industry and research in the following areas and beyond.

  1. EnergyTech (Energy Industry)
  2. E-Health, HealthTech and MedTech (Health Industry)
  3. AgriTech (Agriculture Industry)
  4. FoodTech (Food Industry)
  5. BioTech (Bio-Economy)
  6. WasteTech (Waste Management and Value Creation)
  7. TransportTech and LogisticsTech (Transport Industry)
  8. ConstructionTech (Construction, Housing and Real Estate Industry)
  9. Green HydrogenTech (Hydrogen Economy)
  10. EdTech (Education Industry)
  11. TelecomTech (Net Economy)
  12. FinTech (Financial Industry – Financial Inclusion of the Population)
  13.  InsureTech (Insurance Industry)
  14. LawTech (Legal Economy)

We advise you on entering your desired target market and support you in your business venture with our network of experts.Entering new markets is a complex undertaking. It requires a strong understanding of the market participants and structures in the respective countries as well as the identification of local access points and specific conditions.

Our Services

Analysing/exploring the market potential, market entry and growth strategy
Analysing the state of the art in science, research and technology and a reviewing of the property rights situation in the areas of interest
Identifying the R&D requirements within the framework of the planned project
Determining the necessary scientific and technical resources required
Identifying the necessary cooperation partners or contractors
Business case calculations, certifications and standards
Establishment of sales structure, customs/import regulations, logistics and transport
Establishment of a branch office and legal and tax advice from our partners in the target country
Financing and financial negotiations

If we have aroused your interest or if you would like us to evaluate your market readiness, please contact us!

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Cultural aspects are crucial for successful cooperation. That is why we offer business initiation trips if you want to get to know your target country first before embarking on your venture.

Our Services

B2B Matchmaking
Identification of local partners
Establishing international R&D projects
Intensification of international technology and know-how transfer
New trade relations and sales markets
Company establishment
Participation in trade fairs

If you are interested in visiting Africa for market exploration trips, contact us about the modalities and how we can support you!

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Dr. Akuma Saningong


Telephone +49 40 228 615 49

Thomas Bork

Head of Project Management

Dr. Phanuel Wunu

Head Market Entry – West Africa, Ghana

Robert Pietsch

Head of Finance & Controlling

Sweetness Mathew Kipoyu

Consultant & Analyst – East Africa, Tansania

Marco Rehak

Head IT

Jack Mapemba

Consultant & Analyst – Southern Africa, Malawi

Funto Sola-Oluponmile

Executive Assistant – Nigeria

Ephrem Dagou

Market Entry – Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire

Our Partners

White Paper “Emerging Markets in Africa: A Continent on the Rise!”


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“Charity does not solve the problem of poverty. Rather, charity perpetuates poverty because it robs the poor of their own initiative.”

Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate